On The Road With Chris Cornell: Hemming's Tour Diary - Part 1

First stop, Benaroya Hall in Seattle.

By Hemming - Oct 1, 2015
Photo by Elanor Stills
Philadelphia's folk pop singer-songwriter, Candice Martello, aka Hemming takes us through Benaroya Hall in Seattle. On tour with Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell, Hemming brings us behind the scenes of all the historic venues on this tour. Hemming First stop, Benaroya Hall in Seattle.

You probably heard that Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell has embarked on a major tour recently. What you might not have heard is that folk pop singer-songwriter Hemming is opening for him. Philadelphia-based musician Candice Martello (aka Hemming) is hitting up tons of historic venues as direct support for Cornell, and is documenting her trip exclusively on Bandsintown.

Check out her guide to Benaroya Hall in Seattle below and stay tuned for more venue guides-slash-tour diary posts from the awesome, Hemming!

It’s a sunny Wednesday afternoon and I’ve been on the road for two weeks opening for Chris Cornell on his acoustic Higher Truth tour. I’ve quickly acclimated to tour life by getting chummy with the crew members, and making sure I abide by the sacred rule of “no sh*tting on the bus.” Last night we played Benaroya Hall in Seattle, Chris’s hometown.

I was more anxious than usual. The backstage area was vast and reminiscent of a high school band room – I almost felt as though I was about to perform in the fall talent show…

There were signs on rooms that read "VIP SG/PJ," which I could only assume meant that members of Soundgarden and Pearl Jam would be present, and my dressing room had snacks which I always think means the show sold out and there was extra budget...

I decided to go for a walk to calm down my nerves and ended up roaming around Pike Place in search of some lunch.

After finding a bowl of award-winning clam chowder and a crab sandwich (and possibly regretting the decision to eat something involving heavy cream before playing a show), I returned to the venue to get in a quick sound check. I tried to imagine the 2,500 seats full of people in order to prepare myself.

Finally I went out and played my 30-minute set. The crowd was enthusiastic, at one point chanting, "SEA HAWKS!" I have to admit I’ve never felt more like a sports star than I have on this tour. Though enthusiastic, the crowd was also very respectful, keeping quiet during the more sensitive songs and really listening, which was truly amazing.

When Chris got on stage the crowd went crazy. I don’t know if it was the acoustics of the venue or the fact that this was a homecoming of sorts, but the room sounded like a giant hug when he walked out.

He put on an amazing performance joined by Mike McCready of Pearl Jam for a couple songs.

All in all, it was an incredible experience and a memorable night.

xoxo Hemming


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I’ve been in and out of bands since I was in high school, from an eight piece experimental band to a two piece punk band. Now I write sad songs about my feelings, and so far its gotten me to some pretty cool places. I’m awkward, I’m honest and I love a good pun. | Photo by Eleanor Stills Follow:Instagram // Twitter// Bandsintown

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