Album Review: Walk The Moon

'You Are Not Alone (Live at the Greek)' is out now!

By Brandt Ranj - Feb 26, 2016
Photo by Ryan Vestil
Review of Walk the Moon's live album, You Are Not Alone (Live at the Greek). 'You Are Not Alone (Live at the Greek)' is out now! Walk The Moon

After three studio albums, the last of which included their biggest hit to date with “Shut Up and Dance”, today, Walk the Moon have released a live album, You Are Not Alone (Live at the Greek). The album is appropriately titled, too, because over the entire 21-song set, the band and audience clearly connect, each happy to be in the presence of the other.

What makes Live at the Greek such a pleasurable listen is the band’s talent and consistency. Their energy is palpable, and when they ask the audience to jump along with “Jenny”, the album’s opening track, you’re bound to tap your toes a little bit louder.

“Down In the Dumps” is another standout, and in a quieter part of the song lead singer Nicholas Petricca asks the crowd to sing along. But, they don’t sing—they roar, and the latter part of the song even put a smile on my face, and I was listening from home. Whether you’re only familiar with one or two of Walk The Moon’s singles, or you’re a huge fan, you will be be pleasantly surprised when you give this album a listen; tracks like “Sidekick”, “Come Under the Covers”, and “Portugal” are almost as catchy as the hits.

While there’s not a lot of it, the banter between the band and the crowd is upbeat, positive, and at times chuckle­worthy. The band must have thought so too, because they separated some of the extended banter into their own tracks. Parents beware, “Sorry We’re Not Sorry” probably isn’t what I would consider to be child friendly.


Sure, it’s obvious that the crowd loves every song, but we all know that with a band like this, everybody is on the edge of their seat wondering if they’ll get to hear the hits. 18 songs and one hour later, “Shut Up and Dance” finally makes its appearance. It kills, and could have been the closer. Instead, they come back to vamp with the crowd, thanking them for making their dream come true, and present a scorching version of “Anna Sun,” a track off of their second album that goes on for nearly six and a half minutes.

I can’t help but think that Walk The Moon’s greatest fortune was having a hit single on their third album. After eight years together the band is a tight, cohesive unit capable of delivering nearly an hour-and-a-half-long set without a dip in quality. They’ve honed their craft, gotten their chance, and grabbed it ­enthusiastically ­with both hands.

You Are Not Alone (Live at The Greek) is available now on a digital music service near you. If you want a physical copy you’d better line up early on Record Store Day (April 16), because these will probably be going fast.

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