Exclusive Interview: Marianas Trench Talk '80s Attire, Sting, And 'The Goonies'

+ the best piece of merch on their SPF '80s tour!

By Elizabeth Smith - Jul 15, 2016
Exclusive interview with pop-punk band, Marianas Trench, guitarist Matt Webb. + the best piece of merch on their SPF '80s tour! Marianas Trench

Four years after their last album, Canadian pop-punk band Marianas Trench have come back with a vengeance on, Astoria. The '80s inspired-record, and fourth by the "One Love" band has a distinctly vintage feel that never comes across as dated. Onstage, the rockers embody the fun vibes of the album with '80s attire and an infectious attitude. Lucky for you, the band—Josh Ramsay, Mike Ayley, Matt Webb, and Ian Casselman—recently kicked off their new summer-themed SPF '80s tour.

We caught up with Webb (guitarist) to learn more about this amazing tour concept. We also had the chance to uncover what summer snack the band considers vital, which band member would be which Goonie, and their must-have piece of merch on the road this year. Check out the full interview below then Track the band to see when they're coming to your city for a live show! (We can't tell you to bring pool floaties into the venue to crowdsurf on, but it would be cool if you could.)

What is your go-to summer snack that you’ll be stocking up on for this tour?

Lime margaritas. We are prepared to make lime margaritas at any time. Salt + lime + tequila + triple sec + cane syrup + lime juice = 5 p.m.

How do you recreate the vintage ‘80s feel of the album when you’re onstage?

Dress up in our favourite '80s attire, obvs. Tight ripped jeans, plenty of abs, perhaps a little eyeliner, and a keytar…to channel that inner Van Halen.

Pre show. Yes, we are going on like this. #SPF80s

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Astoria was originally inspired by ‘80s adventure films like The Goonies. If you could perform the album live as The Goonies, which band member would be which Goonie?

Sloth is obviously Ian, Data is Josh, Matt is Chunk, and Mike is Mama Fratelli.

You mentioned on Twitter that you appreciate boxers, T-shirts, and socks from fans. What’s the funniest thing a fan has ever given you?

Well, a fan once gave me a framed watercolour picture of myself that we FedEx back and forth to each other every Christmas. There is nothing better than excitedly waiting in line at the post office for an hour on December 24 for a package from an unknown sender, only to discover that it is a painting of me (Matt).

What albums will be spinning while you travel from city to city?

Huey Lewis Sports, The 1975 (last two albums), and whatever that new Rihanna and Calvin Harris track is called ("This Is What You Came For"?)…Mike and I had a HUGE dance party to that on the bus a couple of days ago.

Do you have any specific tour rituals you’ll be busting out before showtime?

Probably just stretching the glutes.

What’s your favorite piece of merch that will be available on this tour?

Believe it or not, we made f*cking Yo-Yo’s for this tour. They are bad*ss.


If you could collaborate with any band or artist live onstage, who would it be? What would you perform?

I would get on stage with Sting and rock the first 41 seconds of "Synchronicity II", which also happens to be my ringtone.

What’s your favorite summer concert memory? It can be from your own concerts or another band’s concert you attended.

Tough question, we’ve played so many incredible summer festivals over the years… I like to hi-jack festival golf carts or ATV’s whenever possible, cruise the scene…although last year I almost killed several members of our crew and a certain Marianas Trench drummer…who knew it was in reverse?

Since this is the SPF ‘80s tour—what would be your ideal place to throw a beach concert?

Oh man, we had a hell of a time in Virginia Beach a few weeks ago, perhaps there? Or Varadero Cuba? Or English Bay Vancouver? Maui? Or the shores of Lake Okanagan, Penticton, BC? F*ck it, you give us a stage on a beach and we’ll rock it, anytime, anywhere.

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