Exclusive: The Contortionist's Tour Bus Playlist Featuring Mutemath, Rihanna, Failure

Because who doesn't love 'James Joint'?

By Taylor Irwin - Sep 19, 2017
Photo by Gobinder Jhitta
The Contortionist's latest album, 'Clairvoyant' was released on September 15 and plays home to tracks like 'Reimagined', 'Absolve', 'Return To Earth', and 'Relapse'. They will be embarking on a tour support the LP, which will bring them across the US until it wraps in October in Charlotte. Because who doesn't love 'James Joint'?

As longtime fans of The Contortionist can attest, you never know what the Indianapolis natives are capable of when it comes to releasing new music. A far cry from their 2010 debut album, their latest LP, Clairvoyant, is an avant-garde gem that transcends genres and finds the six-piece at their most experimental yet.

Dying to hear some of their nine new songs in the flesh? You're in luck, as the guys will be joining Between The Buried And Me on their 10-year anniversary tour across the US, which kicks off on September 21 in Philly.

We wanted to get an idea of what the band—Robby Baca, Michael Lessard, Joey Baca, Cameron Maynard, Jordan Eberhardt, and Eric Guenther—will be listening to on the road, and turns out, their taste is just as diverse as we hoped it would be. From Rihanna to SikTh, check out what made their Tour Bus Playlist below, then make sure to Track them on Bandsintown to catch the "Godspeed" musicians in your city!

The Contortionist's Tour Bus Playlist


1. 'Finesse' - Bruno Mars

The production on this record is incredible. A listen on nice headphones is a treat and this song just rules.

2. 'Butterflies' - Little Dragon

This one hits right in the feels. All of the layers and lyrics are a perfect emotional storm.

3. 'Otherwhere' - Failure

This bands sense of harmony is so cool to me. They manage to be so subtlety heavy and dissonant but keep it cool.

4. 'Stroll On' - Mutemath

Really stoked to get to know this record. This was a rad single.


5. 'It Is' - Lost Midas

I think Eric showed me this record. Really cool tones and awesome chord modulation in this track.

6. 'Harm' - Humanity's Last Breath

Super heavy music done well. I love working out to this record.


7. 'James Joint' - Rihanna

This record blew me away when it came out. This in particular is so cool to me. I wish it was a full 3-4 song.

8. 'I Don't Want to Understand' - Christopher Willits

This is my go to record for reading. Bouncing around in a van or bus can be distracting and this keeps me in the zone.

9. 'Behind the Doors' - SikTh

I've always loved this band so much. This EP is one of my favorite metal releases of all time.

10. 'Die For You' - Dirty Loops

Dirty Loops 4 eva'. Their ability to to take a catchy vocal line and do the most sideways chord shifts over it is so inspiring to me.


11. 'Fountain of Loathing - Shevalreq

This one is for a good laugh with the boys.

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