Exclusive Premiere: SomeKindaWonderful Debut Stunning New Track 'Lion'

This. Song. Rules.

By Taylor Irwin - Sep 29, 2017
SomeKindaWonderful is a duo made up of Jordy Towers and Nikolai Potthoff that come together to make electronic, hip-hop, and soulful productions. Their latest single 'Lion' speaks to mortality and one not losing their innocence along the way. This. Song. Rules.

Been a fan of SomeKindaWonderful since their hit "Reverse" ruled the airwaves back in 2014? Same. Three years later, the group—now a duo consisting of vocalist Jordy Towers and producer Nikolai Potthoff—are back and stronger than ever with their latest release, "Lion". Stringing together elements of soul, pop, and hip-hop, the hauntingly beautiful track speaks volumes as to how much their sound has evolved in recent months.

An anthem for preserving what you believe in, "Lion" is as relatable as it is party playlist-material."[The song] is about mortality, but also about continuing to follow your dream. I'm getting older and starting to feel my mortality in everything that I experience," said Towers on the inspiration for the track. "Things are changing, but I know that I'm a fighter at heart, and I'll stay young and curious forever."


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