16 Holiday Songs You Won't Find On The Radio

A very indie Xmas.

By Sara Nuta - Dec 13, 2017
Photo by Annemarie Larotonda
Holiday playlist featuring Charly Bliss, Diane Coffee, Chance the Rapper, Cold Fins, DENM, Blu & Exile, The Pristeens, Four Eyes, No Monsters Club, Shrill Fit, Al Riggs, Follies A very indie Xmas.

Winter officially begins on December 21, but we started blasting Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” the second Thanksgiving was over. While we love the classics, we decided to dig up the best festive tracks that aren't as likely to have flown on your radar this holiday season. Check out our list below for a mix of DIY, ambient, psychedelic, and lo-fi twists on classic jams.

1. 'All I Want For Christmas' - Charly Bliss


2. 'It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas' - Diane Coffee


3. 'The Christmas Song' - DENM


4. 'Yule See' - Lab Coast


5. 'Christmas Missed Us' - Blu & Exile


6. 'Christmas Is A Time For Giving' - The Pristeens


7. 'New Year's Eve' - Mellow Fellow ft. Floor Cry


8. 'Christmas Day' - Follies


9. 'Merry Christmas (I Hope You're Happy)' - No Monsters Club


10. 'It’s Been A Shitty Year (So Give Me All Your Presents)' - Shrill Fit, (from A Very Cherry Christmas Volume 12)


11. 'Christmas Parade' - Al Riggs


12. 'It’s Christmas Time' - Cold Fins


13. 'Christmas Wrapping' - Girl Ray


14. 'Merry Christmas Lil Mama' - Chance the Rapper


15. 'Every Will Change This Christmas: The Ballad of Hans Gruber' - Four Eyes


16. 'It's Christmas Time' - The Mowgli's


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