Interview: Hippie Sabotage On North American Tour, Surprise Guests, New Visuals

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By Taylor Irwin - Feb 1, 2018
We interviewed Hippie Sabotage about their tour Path of Righteousness that begins in early February and goes through July. They will be hitting 34 major cities both in the United States and across Europe. RSVP to a show in your city for a special gift from Kevin + Jeff!

Have you been to a Hippie Sabotage show before? If not, let me give you a run down of what goes on when the duo hit the stage—LED walls are warping, brothers Kevin and Jeff are dancing like it's the last show they'll ever play, concertgoers are losing their sh*t, and the bass is smacking everyone in the room in the face. If this sounds like your cup of tea, you're going to l-o-v-e the Path of Righteousness tour.

Kicking off tonight in San Luis Obispo, California, the "Devil Eyes" musicians will be bringing their high energy set to venues across North America, playing songs from their 2017 album, Drifter for cities from Reno to Brooklyn.


To make this run extra memorable, the Saurer brothers wanted to give their Trackers on Bandsintown a chance to win a special keepsake for RSVP'ing to their show. All you have to do is click "I'm Interested" or "I'm Going" to the concert in your city to be eligible to nab the momento.

We wanted to find out more from the Sacramento natives about what fans can expect during the show, what they're doing on off-days, and what it's like to tour with your brother. Check it out below, then make sure to Track Hippie Sabotage on Bandsintown!

Path of Righteousness—where did the name for the tour come from?

We've been traveling and touring all over the world we wanted the name the tour to represent the path we are currently on. Righteousness.

You’re about to hit 34 cities. Is there one that you’re most looking forward to visiting? Any new places that you’ve never performed?

We always look forward to being in New Orleans and Washington DC, but we've never been to Montana so were excited to see the nature there.

Describe your live show in three words.

It's. F#$(*&%. Crazy.

What's the best part about traveling with family? Worst part?

The best part is that we get to argue all the time, and still get the job done at the end of the day. The worst part is that you have to let all the complaints and jokes slide.

Visually, there's a lot going on at your shows. What can fans expect this time around as far as stage design and projections?

For this tour, we doubled the size of our LED wall and have built a bunch of new custom visuals from the content we've accumulated from traveling all over. Our production team has a bunch of new surprises for everyone to make sure you have a righteous trip.


Any guest appearances? If so, any clues you can give fans?

We've got a couple guests who'll pop up for a couple show, but expect to see our usual friends like Kembe X and Alex Wiley in a few of those cities as well.

What do the ten minutes leading up to going onstage look like? An hour after?

We are usually pacing back-and-fourth and running and jumping in place. Jeff tells Kevin to go "Crazy, crazy, crazy," then we walk onstage. An hour after, we're outside the venue hanging out and smoking with the fans.

What are you listening to on the road in-between shows? Who grabs the AUX the most?

We listen to all-things rap, add in some classic rock and soul and were good. Kevin is definitely always grabbing the aux to show us the newest kid on the scene.

You’re rolling through a gas station—what snacks are you both leaving with?

Goldfish and Ice Cream.

I know you don’t have many on this run, but what does an off day look like for you guys?

Day-offs involve watching movies, rearranging some of the set, editing videos, and smoking weed.

If you could each only do one dance move onstage for the rest of time, what would it be?

Well since it works when we jump like maniacs onstage, we'd both stick with that.

Rihanna's fans are called The Navy and Beyonce's are called the BeyHive. What should your fans call themselves?


What would you say is the best part of your job?

Doing what we love.

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