Behind-The-Scenes Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's North American Tour

B&W and leather for the win.

By Claire Skogsberg - Feb 22, 2018
Photo gallery for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's latest tour in support of their latest album release, Wrong Creatures, that came out earlier this year. B&W and leather for the win.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is the alt-rock troupe that just won’t quit. Their body of work consists of seven studio albums, and the California natives have a rich history in the San Francisco punk scene (with the highly devoted fan base to prove it). Through darkness, trauma, and the stress of creating in the wake of a significant loss they experienced during their 2010 tour, the group persevered. The tracks on their latest album, Wrong Creatures, are infused with an energy that persists—anthems of survival, transforming grief into beauty.

Released earlier this year, Wrong Creatures, embodies the themes of struggle and determination that are central to the group’s core. Songs like “DFF” and “Spook” exemplify that heaviness. The final track of the album, “All Rise”, provides a sense of resolution and realization of the enduring nature of humanity. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club has been to hell and back, and have bestowed upon us the highly coveted tell-all diary of their journey.

The shoegaze legends gave us an inside look at their tour which kicked off in January in San Diego and has a few stops remaining in California before they head to Europe. Of the tour, and the process of bringing Wrong Creatures to fruition, the band said, “Touring this album has been very surreal, I guess after working on it for 4 years it still hasn’t really dawned on me that the album is actually out and it’s not really ours anymore. I think just as a band we almost nearly killed each other recording it, and still got the claw marks to show for it. Thankfully just getting to walk on stage and finally play the music live for people is like the medicine to cure all that ails.”

Check out the photos below, showcasing their time on and off stage, and make sure to track the powerhouse trio on Bandsintown to stay up-to-date with their touring news!

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Tour Photo Gallery

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