Underoath's Tour Bus Playlist Featuring Porches, Run The Jewels, And Sir Sly

Oh, and Kendrick Lamar—twice.

By Claire Skogsberg - Feb 26, 2018
UNDERØATH announces their 2018 tour today, and gave us the exclusive look at all of the jams they'll be bumping in the tour bus this year. Their album is slated for release April 6. Oh, and Kendrick Lamar—twice.

Last week, Underoath fans lost their minds when the six-piece announced that a new album was on its way. Now, four days later, we've also learned that the Tampa natives will be embarking on a 24-date tour in support of it! The group will be bringing their signature, high-energy sets to venues across the country this spring for their Nø Fix Tour, which will be making stops in Nevada, Florida, Rhode Island, Texas, and more.

The band, comprised of Grand Brandell (bass), Spencer Chamberlain (vocals), Chris Dudley (keyboards), Aaron Gillespie (drums/vocals), Tim McTague (guitar), and James Smith (guitar), has come a long way since its 1997 inception, enduring lineup changes, a two-year hiatus, and a total revamping of their sound.

Their sixth studio album promises a continuation of Underoath’s unique and melodic take on the hardcore genre. It's the culmination of 20 years worth of hard work and celebrates their evolution as a group. "We cannot wait to play songs off Erase Me live," said the band. “This record means so much to us and we just wanna share that with all of you guys. Can’t wait to get back on the road and play some music, new and old!”

In celebration of the announcement, the “Writing On the Walls” rockers gave us the skinny on what jams they’ll be bumping in their tour bus this spring. With tracks from The Knife, Sir Sly, and Foster The People, you’ll have this playlist on a loop—no question. Listen below and make sure to track Underoath on Bandsintown to stay up-to-date with all their touring news!

Underoath's Tour Bus Playlist


'On My Teeth' - Underoath

"The first song released from our new album in stores April 6th."


'Legend Has It' - Run The Jewels

Tim McTague's Pick (guitar)

"After seeing this live you don’t go back.”


'Underwater' - Porches

Tim McTague's Pick (guitar)

“Set change music for all Rebirth Tour 2016 and still on heavy rotation.”


'DNA.' - Kendrick Lamar

Tim McTague's Pick (guitar)

“No explanation needed.”


'Nothing More, Nothing Greater' - Louis Junior

Tim McTague's Pick (guitar)

“Aaron’s guilty pleasure in hip hop and local TPA legend. After 5 spins you’re toast.”


'&Run' - Sir Sly

Aaron Gillespie's Pick (drums/vocals)

"Electronic but feels like a band. Truth in it. Honesty in it."


'Pray for Jungleland' - Travis Meadows

Aaron Gillespie's Pick (drums/vocals)

"There is rarely honest, acoustic music anymore. This will scratch all the itches."


'Little One' - Highly Suspect

Spencer Chamberlain's Pick (vocals)

"I love this band and think they actually might save rock n roll, it’s honest, it’s raw and it’s refreshing!"


'Doing It for the Money' - Foster The People

Spencer Chamberlain's Pick (vocals)

"SHC is my pick for album of the year in 2017. I don’t know how this band continues to reinvent themselves but every record they put out I fall in love with the music all over again, this record is solid front to back."


'All The Stars (with SZA)' - Kendrick Lamar

Grant Brandell's Pick (bass)

"This song is all vibes from beginning to end. SZA’s voice compliments Kendrick’s style with perfection."


'Blood Type' - Cautious Clay

Grant Brandell's Pick (bass)

"This is one of those songs that seems to get better every time you listen to it. Love the lyrics almost as much as the production on it."


'Full of Fire' - The Knife

Chris Dudley's Pick (keyboards)

"This song makes my brain hurt and my head bob at the same time and that’s the biggest compliment I can give. LOVE THIS."


'Lost In Translation' - Marmozets

Chris Dudley's Pick (keyboards)

"Solid track from what is in the (early) running for my album of the year. Just a damn good rock song from a damn good rock band."

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