Hot Flash Heat Wave’s Tour Bus Playlist Featuring Beach Fossils, Errorsmith, And Anika

Catch this dreamy quartet on tour this month!

By Claire Skogsberg - Mar 6, 2018
The dream pop quartet, Hot Flash Heat Wave, gave us an inside look at their tour bus playlist in support of their upcoming March tour dates and latest single, Glo Ride. Their sophomore album, Soaked, was released last year. Catch this dreamy quartet on tour this month!

The vibe? Surfer pop meets post punk—it’s electric, it’s richly melodic, it’s Hot Flash Heat Wave. This San Francisco quartet is hot off the release of their sophomore album, Soaked, which combines their signature dirty guitar riffs with a range of inventive tones and techniques. Between upbeat and energetic tracks like “San Francisco Dating Life” and softer gems like “Shotgun”, HFHW have proven their sound to be practically undefinable—an illuminating combination of more genres than we can pinpoint.

If the their one-of-a-kind sound wasn’t enough to put us under their spell, the band's music videos finish the job. Garnering well-deserved attention and support in the wake of their self-produced visuals, the group—Adam Abildgaard, Nick Duffy, Ted Davis, Nathaniel Blum—continued to earn buzz last year while on their first nationwide tour.

Now, the band's hitting the road yet again, making stops in Los Angeles, Chicago, Austin, Philadelphia, and more throughout the month of March. We caught up with the dream pop four-piece to get a feel for what they’ll be jamming to while traveling from city to city. Check out their playlist below featuring tracks from Ross from Friends, Telex, and Good Morning, then press play on their latest single, “Glo Ride” below!


Hot Flash Heat Wave's Tour Bus Playlist


'Goodbye Sadness (Tristeza)' - Astrud Gilberto

"Goodbye Sadness of everyday life.. hello tour world."


'Social Jetlag' - Beach Fossils

"When the reality hits and you start to miss little things about home- people and friends you left behind."


'Bootman' - Ross from Friends

"Starting to loosen up and get in the flow of tour life.. feeling good about the new cities and feeling more comfortable playing the set."


'He Needs Me' - Anika

"Met a girl on the road that seemed like you fell in love for a second, then you realized you will only see them for a day before you drive off to the next city."


'A Different Arrangement' - Black Marble

"Your body and heart become accustomed to day in and day out partying and traveling."


'Torrey Pine' - Chris Cohen

"Driving down the freeway and the sun begins to shine- brighter than ever before! Life seems to make sense all of a sudden and all pain vanishes for a brief moment."


'To Be Won' - Good Morning

"Starting to think about all the friends you’ve made along the way and how much you miss them."


'Twisted Mirror' - Pure X

"Showed up to the venue early, now I walk around the town exploring and taking in an entirely new place with an open heart and mind."


'Wonderful world' - Telex

"I think the world is beautiful after all, depression and sadness seem like silly objects that can be thrown into the river.. You watch them float away into the distance."


'Superlative Fatigue' - Errorsmith

"Party time, excellent. Dance to the end of tour and all the fun times you had along the way."

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