Throwback Thursday Playlist: Empowering Chick Anthems We Still Ride For

Girl Power activated by Kelis, Amy Winehouse + more!

By Megan Wolford - Apr 19, 2018
Photo by Ryan Vestil
Bandsintown news Throwback thursday playlists are always important to bump, and this week's edition has songs from Missy Elliot, Dionne Warwick, Destiny's Child, Exciters, Mariah Carey, Rupaul, Amil, Beyonce, Queen Latifah, Roxanne Shante, and Shania Twain. Girl Power activated by Kelis, Amy Winehouse + more!

Ever since Beyoncé's historic Coachella Beychella performance, we've naturally found ourselves gravitating towards empowering female anthems. From En Vogue to Shania Twain, strong women in music have the ability to make us feel like we have time for work, the gym, a party, and staying poised, all while being pulled in five different directions.

As long as I can remember a good anthem has had the ability to make a bad mood do a one-eighty. Can you possibly resist busting out your signature karate move when your hear “Independent Women” by Destiny’s Child? Or pull your most frustrating moment from the bottom of your soul to belt out “Respect” by Aretha?

Hot off the heels of Women’s History Month, let’s keep the party going by paying homage to those who've created timeless records we can revisit in the moments we need to get ourselves back in formation. Okay ladies?!

Check it out below, then make sure to Track them all on Bandsintown!


1. 'Free Your Mind' - En Vogue


2. 'Hey Ladies' - Destiny’s Child


3. 'You’re Gonna Need Me' - Dionne Warwick


4. 'Drown In The Flood' - Gail Davies


5. 'That Don’t Impress Me Much' - Shania Twain


6. 'All Grown Up' - The Exciters


7. 'It’s A Wrap' - Mariah Carey


8. 'F*ck Them B*tches' - Kelis


9. 'Impossible' - Christina Aguilera


10. 'Latifah’s Law' - Queen Latifah


11. 'Let’s Get Hyped' - J.J. Fad


12. 'He’ll Come Along' - Aretha Franklin


13. 'I Got That' - Amil ft. Beyonce


14. 'Snatched For The Gods' - RuPaul


15. 'Bullshit' - Grace Jones


16. 'Stronger Than Me' - Amy Winehouse


17. 'Independent Woman' - Roxanne Shante


18. 'Stickin' Chickens' - Missy Elliott


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