City Guide: Walk The Streets Of Melbourne With OPIUO

+ be sure to catch him at The Forum on Nov 5!

By Caitlin Kenney - Nov 2, 2018
Dance/Electronic artist OPIUO is performing in Melbourne, Australia. His new Syzygy EP was performed at Red Rocks in Denver, Colorado. + be sure to catch him at The Forum on Nov 5!

OPIUO is the man behind the bass. He’s a synth-led electro funk producer who you need to keep your eye on. Straight out of Ngatimoti, New Zealand, OPIUO is dedicated to making each and every one of his performances unforgettable, and if you’ve seen him live before, you know he delivers.

He debuted his headline run, which includes a 21-piece orchestra, at the famous Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver, CO this past April. “OPIUO really brought the funk with his set, wowing old fans and gaining plenty of new ones as the entire crowd got down.” said EDM Identity’s Grant Gilmore about the unbelievable show.

Now he’s embarking on his Syzygy World(ish) Tour across the US, Australia, and New Zealand. On November 5, he’s performing his mind-blowing set with the Syzygy Orchestra for the second time ever at The Forum in Melbourne. This is a show you don’t want to miss. In preparation, we asked him to show us around his favorite spots around the city.

Check them out below and make sure to Track OPIUO on Bandsintown so you don’t miss his upcoming shows.

OPIUO's Guide to Melbourne

Forum Theatre

Literally the very first venue I ever went to in Melbourne + it’s still my favourite. There’s energy in the walls, and it’s alive with history! Feels like you are outside under the stars looking a medieval castle while the music plays, so sick!


Edinburgh Gardens

A place I have spent many days (and nights) hanging out having a good time with friends. Even one Christmas actually! Always a vibing, always a fun park full of colourful fun parties and people. Pro tip: head across the road to Moroccan Soup Bar and get some extremely tasty take away food (you have to take your own containers).


Plug Nickel

If you are like me and a fan of incredible caffeinated beverages of the warm kind, then you have to visit this cute little coffee shop. I honestly think they make the best in town. Always playing good music, and in a dope part of Collingwood. Also - across the road is Lazerpig, for a killa pizza. Sorted.


The Raccoon Club

is one of my most visited watering holes. Its just outside the central city in a suburb I lived for a bit called Preston, where I also had a studio. Its got all the right things going on. Great beer and wine selection, and a stick policy of “no dickheads allowed”. After way too many hours in the studio I would come here to spend evening upon evening connecting with friends old and new.


Outre Gallery

I collect a lot of prints, art, and toys. I love my walls to be colourful and vibrant for inspiring my mind, and I used to spend so many days walking around this gallery, often picking up an item or 2. I haven’t been in a while, but if its anything like it used to be you’ll be stuck in here for hours until your mind can’t take it anymore. In a good way!


Northside Records

the best place to get crate digging and getting lost in the music. It only stocks the best jams, old and brand new, and the legend Chris is usually there to point you in the right direction. Sometimes has in store signings which can often feature live music as well. I miss going there on the regular.


Neko Neko

is right across the road from Northside Records as is becoming famous for making fucking incredible vegetarian Japanese food, and for good reason. Nice and small, and always busy. Worth every second of the wait if there is one.



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