Tour Diary: Take A Journey With SAFIA As They Hit Venues Across China

The fomo is real.

By Marissa Matozzo - Jan 25, 2019
Photo credit: @nikkiiz
A behind-the-scenes look from Australian indie pop and electronica group SAFIA into their 2018 tour across China. The fomo is real.

From signing to Warner Music to opening for Twenty One Pilots, SAFIA have been on a wild ride since their 2012 formation. When they're not topping the Australian charts or nabbing ARIA awards, they're hitting festival stages across the world, a feat that's contributed to their international fanbase.

The group released their debut album, Internal in 2016, which spawned smooth electronic jams like “Together, Locked Safely,” “Make Them Wheels Roll,” and “Embracing Me.” Impressively, all of the songs on the LP except two were completely written, composed, and produced by SAFIA. Of the 12 tracks, lead singer Ben Woolner-Kirkham said, "Hopefully there should be a song for everyone on the record that fits into their tastes. It kind of explores everything we've done in the past in all those different singles into one."

Most recently, they embarked on a tour across China, playing their new singles, “Freakin’ Out,” and “Starlight” for their fans overseas.

From receiving personalized gifts from fans to working off dumplings onstage, check out the band's adventures from their journey below!

SAFIA's China Tour Diary

Photo credit: @nikkiiz

We did not expect this kind of reception when we went out to play the first show of the tour in Shanghai. Nothing beats the feeling of going to a new country and seeing that the music has connected with people on the other side of the world.


Never underestimate the power of cucumber flavoured chips.


The tour bus, where dreams are made of!


We really played our role of greedy western tourists well! Don’t know exactly what we were eating but it was good.


There is no way we could have done this tour without our amazing Chinese hosts!


Can confirm! Sounding good!


Let’s all dance in the Starlight.


We love all the personalised gifts our fans made for us on this tour!


Although it was a fun experience getting my phone screen and battery replaced in Shenzhen I can now tell you the letter ’S’ does not work on my keyboard. It has been the bane of my existence ever since, I should probably just get a new phone.


Enjoying one of the many feasts we were treated to. I’m still working off those dumplings now though.

Photo credit: 做梦大王lv

One of the most fulfilling parts of this trip was getting to meet our fans in China.


3 dorks living it up in the heart of Shenzhen.



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